7 Ways to Make Apartment Decorating Easy and Fun


For a lot of people, apartment living is a very exciting time. Living on your own and finally being able to invest in apartment decorating with furniture and decor that suits your lifestyle is so exhilarating!

I can relate to all of you who find this to be stressful, especially living in NYC! Apartment living here is a completely unknown world to most people. To paint a picture for you, here it is:

You’re sharing a teeny tiny space in a building with dozens of other tenants. You hear your neighbor’s dogs (especially when you live above a doggy day care and boarding store), stomping feet, drunk partygoers, and much more at 3 o’clock in the morning. You moved here alone, not knowing a lot of people, so you most likely live with random roommates and do not want to spend money on anything for the future because you have no set plans to move-after your last horrific moving experience.

Luckily, even under most circumstances, there are small apartment decorating techniques that can be done to make your space feel like yours, even if a lot of these changes are only in your own private bedroom.

(Trust me, I am constantly adding and removing things all of the time from my space!!)

Want more ideas to help you transform your apartment into a space that you’re excited to come home to? Here are my suggestions!

7 Ways to Make Apartment Decorating Easy and Fun

Remember that less is more and use your resources wisely.

Don’t spend money on things that will be hard to move later on, unless you absolutely need them. You can definitely work with what you have!

The majority of my furniture is what I moved to NYC with 5 years ago and the 2 newest items came to be from — believe it or not — the streets. People move constantly here and are either too lazy to move their larger furniture or buy brand new things in their new space. SO MANY great pieces end up on the sidewalks, waiting for the garbage trucks to claim them.

The most important piece of information never to forget.

It’s not necessary to fill every last square inch of your apartment with furniture and decor. Just be sure what you do have feels like you and will make you happy.

Don’t want to be a street rat? (It’s ok, that’s understandable.) Try this instead!

For unique objects, check out local flea markets.

Those are my absolute favorite for purchasing conversation pieces of all kinds, not just furniture or home decor but jewelry as well.

If you’re a New Yorker like I am, definitely check out the Dumbo Flea, open every Sunday!

Once you’ve done that… Start a collection of unique decor items and showcase them.

Don’t be afraid to mix your quality furniture with less expensive finds.

Add personal touches throughout your space with items that mean something to you. Have you traveled the world and you like collecting snow globes? You should absolutely find a way to display them as part of your apartment decorating!

Rearrange your space as needed.

(I am very guilty of doing this regularly, I used to even do it for fun on Saturdays with my dad growing up.)

If you have a small space, you can make the most of it by rearranging furniture. Move wall decor around and add unique paintings or pictures to make it a creative and fun space. Add mirrors and angle furniture to make the room feel more spacious. Be open minded!

Try new lighting!

I am recently obsessed with different types of lighting! This is because I have found that I am happier with objects that give me a sense of serenity when I come home — and I have come to that solution through editing my lighting fixtures.

I have so far: a hanging chandelier near my bed (a cool focal point in the room), miniature lamp on my vanity for doing my make up, and most recently, white Christmas lights which I love. I thought at first it was strange to have them up year round, but they really add to all of my personal artwork on the wall when no other lights are on!

Also, I never really believed in this until I worked for Bath and Body Works, but adding candles into a space really does make the mood feel lighter and calmer. Check out one of my favorite lighting designers here for inspiration.

I also love Crate and Barrel. This is one of my recent favorites, and it is in my interior plan for redoing my living room space!

A piece of one-of-a-kind artwork can light up the whole space.

I do private client commissions, and love making custom pieces that no one else will ever own, except the client.

Splurge on a statement art piece! It’s perfect if you want a pop piece in your space that will really add personality to the room. If you’re interested in shopping for unique art pieces, you can view my online shop here! OR email me directly: steph@mixedmediabysteph.com <3


7 Ways to Make Apartment Decorating Easy and Fun // Mixed Media By Steph

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