How to Use a Vision Board to Decorate Your Home

vision board

A vision board can be inspirational. It’s a place to collect things that you find motivating, inspiring, and the perfect place to organize your ideas.

There are so many ways to use a vision board. I used to have to do them for fashion design projects and in art school, and now I LOVE them. It is really a great way to put all of your ideas in one place-especially if you’re like me and you doodle in so many various notebooks and sketchbooks.

Most people now create boards like this through Pinterest, but I sometimes prefer a sketchbook for texture and layering! You can use them, digitally or hand done, to play around with certain ideas, colorways, and styles before committing to them. You can even use it as inspiration for your wardrobe! I recently took a branding class and one initial assignment for the course was to minimize your closet to only clothes that excited you and visually connected you to your brand. (I like to think I was already doing that, but a little refresh and accountability is important for every brand) Above all, it is a great visual to remind yourself of your initial goal.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am constantly changing and updating my decor, so I am getting good at visually expressing myself in my home! Here is how to use a vision board to decorate your own home.

vision board

How to Use a Vision Board to Decorate Your Home

Decide how you will create your vision board.

There are so many different ways to make a vision board. Don’t limit yourself here- do what speaks to you.

Don’t forget this is ultimately supposed to be fun and experimental! Keeping your options open will help you decide what will work best for your project.

Figure out your goals.

You’ll need to think about what your goals are when it comes to using your vision board. Are you styling one room or a whole home?

You’ll also want to go into the vision board process with a little bit of strategy in mind. A whole lot of different things may appeal to you, but in order for this to work for decorating, you need to keep it cohesive.

  • What kind of vibe are you going for?
  • What styles speak to you?
  • What would your dream room look like?

Using your custom art as inspiration, consider if there is a specific feeling that you want it to have.  What styles speak to you? Are you going for something boho, or is it modern, Scandinavian?

Keep your goals in mind while you are filling your vision board. Editing will be the hardest part, but you will know exactly what you want once you start seeing it come to life.

Find inspiration.

Once you decide on your goals, you get to do the fun part! Collect inspirational material that matches your vision goals. You can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere! It could even be from poetry, movies, music, etc. It does not have to be a physical element, but once you have the source you can turn that element into a tangible object.

My favorite way to do this (OBVIOUSLY) is to find a piece of art that speaks to me. I do this a lot of times without even knowing it, but it always comes together so well. I recently completed a painting for a group show and then realized afterward that it was a perfect fit for my apartment entryway because it matched my hallway bench that I had recently purchased. Using that initial art piece, I try to find other elements to include in my vision board that goes with it.

Always add your own doodles and sketches to what you find. Make it your own, and you will never go wrong.

This is a tool for you to help bring your imagination to life. Don’t worry about what is possible or expenses just yet. I usually kick myself in the beginning of paintings and projects like this because the economical, business portion of my brain is always thinking, but my artist agent always tells me this stunts my creativity. So- before you make a bad habit of holding back your creativity and thinking too logically, express yourself naturally and do the editing later.

Create your vision board.

Look at everything you have gathered for inspiration. Look at everything with your inspirational art piece in mind, and make it the focal point.

  • Does anything else you have found fight with your focal point?
  • Is it distracting?
  • Does it compliment the focal point, your art piece?
  • Does it outshine it?

Remove anything that doesn’t fit quite right. You can start to get a little more practical in this step about what is realistic for your budget and surroundings.

Once you determine what to keep, build your board!

If your board is a physical one, use tape or glue to secure everything. You can even get more creative and use other mixed media elements. If you are going digital, start saving everything to your Pinterest board.

Now you’ll be able to see everything together and really harness the power of the vision board. You’ll be able to get inspired just by looking at it.

Use your vision board as a tool.

Congratulations on creating your board! Now that you have built a decor vision board centered on a custom piece, use it when you are making styling decisions.

Take a picture of it on your phone so you always have it with you. Stay true to it! Now that you have it with you on the go, you’ll never pick out decor that doesn’t align with your vision.

You can even use your vision board to inspire other rooms or areas!

Keep adding to your board as time goes on, and let your vision grow and change. It will adapt with you over time. You can always continue to use and add to your vision board. You might find you’ll want to start over at some point, and that is okay too. Be adaptable, and remain open-minded! Change is a good thing.

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